Hugh Jackman turns nothing into something in Greatest Showman poster

Aside from by donning the occasional adamantium claws, Hugh Jackman has been able to dazzle audiences with his booming singing voice, expert dancing skills and bottomless well of charm. The claws may be sheathed for good, but he’s about to showcase everything else in the upcoming THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. The film about P.T. Barnum (Jackman) got its first poster, which put the focus on the idea that if anyone can turn a ratty, flooded auditorium into a place of wonder, it’s Hugh Jackman.

Take a look below!

The movie has some months to go before release so chances are we could see another, grander poster come out that includes the rest of the cast, including Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams and Rebecca Ferguson.  The first teaser for the musical debuted a little bit ago, and you can marvel at the energy and grandness of it all below.

Not much to look at, for sure, but as a teaser poster, it gets its ideas across. Barnum took nothing and made something wondrous out of it, and the movie itself is all about how the spirit of imagination has the power to change the world around us. The movie is shaping up to be a real showstopper and crowd pleaser, and coming out during the holiday season could make it a smash at the box office, especially seeing how LA LA LAND has made live-action musicals more popular than ever. It could be a big hit of the Oscar season and it’s certainly one on my list of flicks to see. I will admit this is mostly because I like elephants and cotton candy.

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN arrives this Christmas.



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