Hugo Weaving didn't care about Transformers

This might be a real shocker for TRANSFORMERS fans, but Hugo Weaving doesn't care.

He's not saying it to be mean, however.

Sometimes actors take roles they don't necessarily care for-- most likely for money. Remember that time Bill Murray let everyone know that he felt deep regret doing GARFIELD? Well, shit happens, and it's easier to disconnect with a voice role than one you have to show up for and film.

Weaving, who voiced Megatron for three films shared some interesting thoughts with Collider. When the site asked the actor if Michael Bay had gotten in touch with him about the fourth film in the franchise, Weaving said this:

"It was one of the only things I’ve ever done where I had no knowledge of it, I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it," the English actor said. "They wanted me to do it. In one way, I regret that bit. I don’t regret doing it, but I very rarely do something if it’s meaningless. It was meaningless to me, honestly. I don’t mean that in any nasty way. I did it."

"But, my link to that and to Michael Bay is so minimal. I have never met him," he continued. "I was never on set. I’ve seen his face on Skype. I know nothing about him, really. I just went in and did it. I never read the script. I just have my lines, and I don’t know what they mean. That sounds absolutely pathetic! I’ve never done anything like that, in my life. It’s hard to say any more about it than that, really."

That's that, I suppose.

Source: THRCollider



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