Hurry up! The MacGruber trailer is here!

The new red-band (it's actually orange-band unless my monitor's color settings are off) trailer for MACGRUBER is here and now you can finally figure out how they expanded the relatively one-note SNL sketch to a movie! In actuality there is a plot and the camera work (directed by Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island fame) is surprisingly sharp. What's also somewhat surprising is the lack of connection to the SNL sketch. Are they trying to distance themselves? I fully expected a pay-off at the end similar to how the sketches end but not so much.

So what do you think? Does it work for you? I definitely got a few laughs out of it but I don't know that I was ROFLing. The trailer will be in theaters this weekend with LEGION so you'll be able to check it out then as well. Watch the trailer (and check out some new pics!) below:

Extra Tidbit: Hearing some rumors that MACGRUBER might make an appearance at SXSW.....
Source: Rogue Pictures



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