I Want That: LEGO Ghostbusters!

I discoverd a lot about LEGO in pursuing this story and one of those things was the reinforcement that LEGO collectors don't f*ck around. Nor does LEGO, for that matter, as they take these little plastic bricks very serious. Case in point is LEGO cussoo, a contest of sorts that LEGO holds quarterly, where they have folks vote on fan submissions of LEGO sets. Once a particular set  reaches 10,000 votes it is eligible to be reviewed by the LEGO board, where they will determine which of the candidates will be produced for mass sales. In addition, the fan creator will receive 1 percent of the sales profits for the design. May not sound like much, but you haven't seen how many damn LEGO sets enter my house every week!

The latest winner of the LEGO cussoo project is for GHOSTBUSTERS (created by Brent Waller), which I know will make many fans happy. The set includes the Ecto-1 hearse and four minifigures of Spengler, Venkman, Stantz, and Zeddemore (and possibly a Slimer...yes!) The last movie set to be made out of the LEGO cussoo projects was the BACK TO THE FUTURE Delorean with Doc and Marty, which was pretty damn cool. This new GHOSTBUSTERS set is just as sweet and will definitely find its way onto my already full shelves of geek toys. The set is slated for release later this year to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the film.

Take a look:

Source: Lego cuusoo



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