I Want That: Sideshow's premium format Rogue One Death Trooper

Truth be told, I typically don't go in for these types of pricey collectibles, but I can definitely admire and appreciate the artistry that goes into making them, and when you combine STAR WARS with Sideshow Collectibles, even a layman such as myself knows that you're in for one gorgeous looking figure. Sideshow announced their first ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY premium-format figure today which will be Director Krennic's (Ben Mendelsohn) Death Trooper Specialist. You can take a peek at some great looking images of the Empire's latest Stormtooper below and marvel at the beauty of Sideshow's work, even the base it's standing on look fantastic! Witchcraft I tells you!

Coming in at close to 2 feet in height, the Death Trooper Specialist is "kitted out in specialized Stormtrooper armor which features a three-cell pouch located on the left shoulder, fabric pauldron on the right, and reinforced helmet with composite armor. The Death Trooper Specialist’s armor sits atop a detailed body suit and is accented by a fabric tactical chest rig that holds sculpted grenades and other accessories – including a thermal detonator." Also included is a blaster and side-arm blaster pistol, as well as an exclusive long-range blaster rifle. You can pre-order this bad boy over at Sideshow Collectibles for $549.99.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY is set for a December 16, 2016 release.

Extra Tidbit: Although I said that I typically don't go in for this sort of this, my one exception is a prop replica of the fossilized creature hand from Creature from the Black Lagoon which proudly sits in my office.
Source: Sideshow



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