I Want That: Star Wars Funko Subscription Box - Smuggler's Bounty

Funko can try to hide behind lies, telling us that their toys are made of vinyl, but we're too smart for such foolishness. We know they're made of crack. There's no use in them denying it anymore. People don't buy little cute figures like that at such a breakneck pace unless there is some sort of chemical addiction that won't let go of them. That's the only way I can explain it.

We're okay until we decide to take the plunge and buy that one Pop! we think is really cool and would look great on our desk, and then it's all over. Before you know it, you have 37 of them, including more Harley Quinns than are probably healthy and... ummm... not like I know from personal experience or anything. Uhhh... a friend told me about this guy he once knew. Yeah, that's it... or something.

Force Friday showed that people were ready to wait in line for hours simply so they could expand their collections with the latest STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Funko Pop! figures. What do you think they're going to do when they find out they can score new exclusives without ever leaving the comfort of their homes?


Funko and STAR WARS have announced a partnership for a bi-monthly subscription box called Smuggler's Bounty. Every other month, you fork over 25 bucks, and you'll be send a package full of STAR WARS Funko goodies that focuses on a new corner of that galaxy far, far away we can't get enough of.

The first box will go out in November, and will contain two exclusive THE FORCE AWAKENS Pop! figures, in addition to whatever else they can squeeze in before closing the lid that is sure to send you into a geek frenzy upon arrival. You have two options for subscribing - one is paying per month, which will run you the aforementioned 25 bucks (otherwise known as Pirate membership), or you can do it like a boss with the Boss membership and pay yearly. You'll have to drop $150 up front for that, but the catch is every year on the anniversary of your subscription's start, you'll be sent an exclusive themed gift that only other Bosses are snagging. 

So it's like Funko crack with STAR WARS heroin. That's a dangerous combo, but one you know we're all going to hand over our money to, because how could we not? It's STAR WARS and Funko... and it's only every other month.

Wait... I'm rationalizing, aren't I? The sign of a true addict. Please help me.

Extra Tidbit: Funko POP! vinyl toys aren't actually made of crack. We'll take Funko's word that they're only vinyl.
Source: StarWars.com



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