Images for the second half of season 7 of The Walking Dead shuffle online

From what my wife has told me, the last time we checked in with the survivors of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, the mid-season 7 finale found Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang getting their asses handed to them by Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and his Saviors, time and again. Now, as the show prepares for its return, it’s been teased that we’ll see Rick and his Alexandria crew making preparations for all-out war, as they gear up for an attack against Negan and his misguided, territory-hungry underlings.

It’s also to note that fans of THE WALKING DEAD comic book series can expect to see some of their favorite moments from issues #115-126 represented, as Rick will be forced to acquire aid from the Hilltop and Kingdom groups if victory is to be assured. While some will be willing to help, others will require a bit of convincing - I’m looking at you, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

Today, AMC has released a batch of images that will hopefully get you excited for the show’s return. The first image depicts Rick and his group of survivors in the Barrington House at the Hilltop, where one would surmise that they’re trying to figure out a way to convince Gregory to join them in battle. The second is of Rick looking rather perplexed on the backwater streets, and the third image shows Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira), Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Tara (Alanna Masterson) Lord of the Rings-walking their way through what one would assume is zombie-infested territory.

Personally, I jumped off of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD quite some time ago - the mid-season break of the second season to be exact. I’ve seen an episode here and there, but found myself caring very little to commit to the show, once again. I’ve heard both good and bad things about the program in the many years that it’s been dominating the airwaves, but after Sophia died (squandering the potential for her and Carl to provide a unique perspective to the apocalypse), and Andrea’s character was wholly changed from the source material, I checked out. While I can appreciate that THE WALKING DEAD television show is its own animal, I still find myself unenthusiastic to give it another go.

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD will shamble back into your lives on February 12, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Are you still super into The Walking Dead, or has the show finally begun to run its course? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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