Inconvenient Truth 2?

When Hollywood practically throws you a parade after the Oscars, you can pretty much assume there's going to be some sequel talk. Yet, I can honestly say I didn't see an INCONVENIENT TRUTH sequel coming, but apparently that's something Paramount has in mind. IESB (still going strong despite Paramount's best efforts) recently got to talk to director Davis Guggenheim at the premiere of his next film GRACIE and Guggenheim mentioned he's in talks with the studio for a prequel. "I’m meeting with Paramount next week to talk about a sequel to INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Too early to talk about details." I'm not sure what a sequel would entail other than more of the same and really, do we need more of the same? I think the point was hammered home quite well in the first film. The sequel could just feature more Al Gore/Leonardo DiCaprio man-love. Of course these are very early talks and a sequel may never happen.

Extra Tidbit: In addition to documentaries, Guggenheim has directed episodes of "24" and "Deadwood".
Source: IESB.net



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