Indy news!

This article is basically a bunch of SPOILERS, so if you want to see the new INDIANA JONES movie with no prior knowledge, don't even bother reading this.

CHUD has apparently landed a fairly hefty scoop on the next Indy (although nothing written here is 100% confirmed), still - as far as they know - titled INDIANA JONES AND THE CITY OF THE GODS. Perhaps most important is the idea that our man may in fact be battling aliens! Apparently, the first scene of the movie will pit Dr. Jones against Russian agents in Area 51. This sounds insane. I love it!

Also, their source tells them that Shia Labeouf "is going to be playing a greaser, wearing jeans and a leather jacket and riding around on a motorcycle. He also says that "Indy and Shia will be thrown together in this adventure but will not learn they’re related until a pivotal action scene."

I don't really have an overwhelming feeling of love for another INDIANA JONES movie (please don't read that to mean I think it's a stupid idea), but Labeouf is really making a mark on me, so I'll definitely check this baby out. And you might want to check THIS baby out for some more info on the movie, including something about crystal skulls. What?
Extra Tidbit: Nick Nolte turned down the role of Indiana Jones.
Source: CHUD.com



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