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At last, old school Bond is back! Not since Sean Connery has any man, in my opinion, been able to successfully fill the iconic super agent's shoes better than Daniel Craig. Sure he's not your typical pretty boy, which seems to have been a prerequisite to getting your 007 silence in the past, but he's more genuine, sexy, rugged, charismatic and a fantastic actor. Did I mention he has incredible blue eyes and a killer body to boot?

Despite the unfair criticism, Craig proves the world wrong as he makes his extraordinary debut as the ultimate butt kicking secret agent James Bond in Ian Fleming's first novel, CASINO ROYALE. Yes, you have your basic Bond recipe of action, hot women, sex appeal and murder. However, CASINO ROYALE has a twist of romance, which authenticates and differentiates it from the others.

Thanks to Craig's brilliant performance, I'm a reborn Bond fan and I guarantee, you'll be as well! I recently had the pleasure of meeting the new Bond, Daniel Craig as he spoke about his preparation and experiences in making the action packed blockbuster CASINO ROYALE. Check out the film and check out what he had to say.

Daniel Craig

What was the biggest surprise of being Bond?

Well I don't know really what the biggest surprise was. I think the big part really, that's the deal. That's the biggest surprise. However much you don't think there's going to be an interest, it's times ten. That’s a simple way of putting it. It's great but there’s that there's that much interest but I think in the beginning it was a little different. I started getting all the criticism on the Internet and in the papers, it was a little bit disconcerting because I thought, well you haven't even seen the movie yet. How can you tell? (laughing) I get you know, the passion, there's a lot of passion about it. There’s a lot of passion about Bond people. It's very close to people's hearts.

What do you think the attraction is to Bond?

Ian Fleming created a great character and whichever way you look at it, he sets something up when he wrote this book that Sean Connery personified and made real. That has lasted a long time. The way that they have managed to adapt to certain times and you know sometimes they were maybe overly trendy and tried to sort of adapting them, you know it's always a talk for me. He's always had his eye on the world around him. Yeah, I mean it's an ancient character. Every concept has got he lone warrior going after the bad guys fighting for justice. It’s a very old character. It’s all about how you adapt to it. Making good movies is more of my interest


Did you strip down Bond and rebuild it in your own image because this is a really different Bond in terms of its feel.

I wouldn’t have done this unless I could strip it back to something…. I wouldn’t have done this unless we were going to discover something about him, and I certainly wouldn’t have done this unless I could find a change within the character within the movie. I mean it’s all very well saying it’s back to basics but I needed to see the character go through something so we can get somewhere because then there’s no point in doing another movie unless there’s actually achieved something with this movie which sets it up.

And it doesn’t mean I didn’t look at the lineage that we had and totally respect what’s gone on before. I watched every single movie over and over again ‘cause I didn’t want to miss a trick because they got it right, very right and I wanted to make sure that in this movie that everything is Bond. And then I wanted someone that’s fallible, just somebody who made mistakes, somebody who everyone looks at and says, “this guy makes mistakes and it might not go right.” Dramatically that’s just more interesting.

How many injuries did sustain?

I lost a cap. It was the first day. It was a bit disconcerting but I got smacked in the mouth, he pulled back and I carried on. I got bumps, and grazes and bruises. We had a physio and I had painkillers.

Did you Achilles tendon problems at all?

Yeah, I fell over and pulled them, I didn’t rip anything but I pulled them. It’s just strapping, they’re wonderful things.

How did you prepare for this role physically?

I got a personal trainer. Without him, I don’t think I could have gone through it. I need to be pushed. I’ve always gone to the gym and always tried to keep fit but not like this. I started just over a year ago when I got the job. I hit the gym five times a week and when we were filming I was moving or running, I mean the way you get fit you run around or push weights. That’s the only way I know.

What was the nude scene like? Was that your first time?

No, I’ve been totally stark and naked in movies, much more naked than that. There were a lot more people on set than usual.

Is it hard mentally being James Bond?

It’s there, it’s not here, that’s the only way I can explain it. I don’t know if that makes sense. You have to know when you’re making the movie, you have to look at the hole you’re ticking, and ask if we’re ticking the right boxes here. This is why we had Martin Campbell on board and Michael, and they were covering those things so they just said go on with it. They said you’ve got card blanche here. Get on with it.

When you go into a pub and someone says to you prove to me you’re James Bond, what will you say?

I am Bond (laughs). I hope to be having a quite night to myself and enjoying my Guinness. Look, I don’t know. I hope people can remove the two.

What were your impressions on the first day of filming?

First day of filming of any film you ask anyone fro director to dolly grip, everybody trying to figure out who we are and how figure into the scale o things. I got kicked back. We did 120 days of shooting and six months of filming. That’s quite intense, you got out and party hard occasionally. I’m that one way of breaking the ice.

Was there a particular scene that was especially difficult?

The Madagascar sequence in the beginning, the chase. There was only because there was a lot of running and then being 150 t0 200 feet up running and you’re wired up and the wiring holds you but you still have to pull but you have to be free enough to run around. I can to occasionally take a few deep breaths and not close my eyes.

This is the first Bond scene where is looks like Bond is physically exerting himself.

Because I was. I couldn’t hide it. I don’t know how else to do things. When I looked at the script, and what we were doing, it just wouldn’t have been me. And I know that’s not what maybe not what it’s about but that’s how I turn things. I wanted to see that he’s jumping from crane to crane, hitting the side of the crane that’s made of metal. It’s just looked like it’s a struggle. Then you’ve got Sebastian Foucan who’s one of the founders of free running and he’s tremendous. I like the idea that he’s up against somebody who looks like he’s going to get away, and it’s how he then deals with that. Sebastian is leaping and Bond is going smack, smack, smack. It had to look like it was painful.

Where was the decision made to recapture the shape of the character?

I don’t know really the answer to that. Barbara probably maintains she probably wanted me to do this from the beginning and I don’t know whether she envisaged it. I got fir for a reason and not because I was just taking off my shirt although it applies a little bit. I got fit because I wanted to get involved with every step of it. Once he saw I was up for doing things he started pushing me that much more. Then we started talking about getting it as real as possible. I don’t know that we visualized it like this but we started pushing in that direction. It was an idea until we can say that we physically done it.

What do you think Bond learns over the course of the movie about himself and the job that he’s doing?

The real topic of this movie is a love story and I think the changing point in this movie is in the shower where there has just been this fight in the stairwell that was quite viscous and for someone like Eva’s character it’s quite upsetting. And what he sees within this girl, he sees vulnerability. He realizes that she’s exposing her vulnerability so he sort of goes and does the same. I mean he falls in love with her and therefore it enables him to open himself up. I mean the awful thing to say is that he was right all along, that you should never get attached to anybody. I‘d like to think there was a bit more to that. It toughened him in a way that wasn’t possible. He’s made a conscious decision not to sort get close to people.

The movie seems less sexist than it has been in the past. The women were more three dimensional in the film. Was that a conscious decision?

Yes. Absolutely. When it came to casting Eva, she’s a great actress but she also has an innate intelligence and a mystery that she carries with her think and I think it’s possible that if you have someone like her and opposition to him then it is possible for him to be more sexist. That’s someone part Bond. If you have someone who can back at him, then it makes it more exciting. Then he can be more of a sexist pig. Those were the elements. I know Eva hates the type bond girl, I know she’s that but she’s more than that. She’s a rounded character


What do you think of the manner in which women were depicted in the past Bond movies?

Times have changed really. I mean you look at the early sixties; Sean Connery was behaving in a way that is unacceptable now.

Have you heard from any of the former Bond’s?

Pierce has been wonderful. He’s been incredibly supportive. I had dinner with him last year with a group of people and I said look, I need to talk to you about this. He just said go for it. You got to go for it. He’s been very positive. It’s very supportive and it came art a time when there was a negative response that was coming through. I was very grateful.

Looking at your career thus far, do you think everything is going at a decent pace?

It just speeded up a bit just recently. I’ve been very lucky over the past couple of years. I’ve gotten to work with some of the best directors around with some of the best actors around. I was content with the work I was doing and I was very, very happy with my predicament so this came out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting this at all. It all boils down to in hindsight, if I don’t do this I’m going to regret not doing it. Whichever way you look at it, this is one of the biggest icons in movie history. And to not accept it as a challenge would have bothered me. All along I was waiting g for the script and when I finally read the script I said I can do something with this.

This could be a life changing experience for you.

It is in a lot of ways because of the exposure. I’ve always tried to be as private as I possibly could. I’m still a very private person and I think personal privacy is a human right. It’s a non-negotiable subject. I realize that I will lose some but it’s a question of protecting that and that of my family’s and friends because they’re not part of it. That’s the only negative.

How has the character rubbed off on you?

I’ve never taken my work home with me. I’ve played mass murderers, doctors, lawyers, whatever. I’ve never taken it home. My job is to get it right, that’s all I ever consider o get it right and to give it my best. I’m an actor, that’s what I do and when I leave, I’m me.

Could you relate to James Bond at all?

Oh Christ yeah. I mean he’s a guy. There are some things about him that are incredibly important. He’s got morals, he’s got a high sense of purpose, he knows what he wants, he know what he needs to get, he knows who the bad guy is. It’s got to be fantastic to have some of that. We’re in fantasy world here.

What are your favorite Bond movies?

From Russia with Love and Dr. No. They are two of my favorite movies.

Did you expect any negative criticism on the Internet before it happened?

To a degree yes but not necessarily as much as it did. I don’t think you can ever plan for that and you should never plan for that because I think you get paranoid very quickly and I want to try and remain as unparanoid as possible.

Do you think it’s bad to be typecast in a job?

It’s not bad to be typecast in a job really but I’m going to continue reading other scripts. I’m not going to go and do the complete opposite just to be like hey people I can act.

Any word on the next Bond?

If all goes well, we will be shooting at the end of next year but the real issue of the moment is to get this one out of the way. If this goes well we’ll do another one.

Talk about the torture scene?

We had a lot of fun shooting that scene. Mads is a fine actor. We shot it one day and we know what we were going to do and even though he thought he was going to die, at that mug point he still wanted the upper hand.

Did you actually nail you in the family jewels?

I was protected by fiberglass but it did crack at one point and I moved so fast. I as across the room! (laughing)

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