Interview: Ewan McGregor and Tye Sheridan Talk Last Days in the Desert!

In the latest from filmmaker Rodrigo Garcia, LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT, Ewan McGregor plays opposite himself. Playing Jesus Christ and Satan as well, the film finds Jesus on a spiritual mission. One where he meets a family who he attempts to help as they face their own demons. It is a strong performance from Ewan, as well as Tye Sheridan who portrays a frustrated son looking for an escape from his troubled family.

Recently at the junket for the film, we spoke with Mr. McGregor about taking on this role and being a part of smaller films as opposed to blockbusters. He is an incredible talent - as well as an incredibly nice guy - and it's great to see the actor taking risky turns such as this. We also spoke to Tye who discussed taking on the role and working on location in a desert landscape. If you are looking for something vastly different from the usual summer flicks, check out LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT in limited release this Friday.


Source: JoBlo.com



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