Interview: Killer Joe star Emile Hirsch

Whether it's with a crucifix or a chicken leg, William Friedkin's ability to penetrate America is almost incomparable (that just happened). With KILLER JOE, everyone gets dirty... but nobody takes a continuous beating quite like Emile Hirsch. It's comparable to Bruce Campbell in EVIL DEAD 2 or Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST, it's admirable to see a thespian suffer for his art!

I've admired Emile Hirsch's choices lately. Whether he's a juicy supporting character in SAVAGES or leading a team of survivors in the lackluster but ambitious THE DARKEST HOUR, he seems like a dude who enjoys a challenge, which could not be more fitting for his character in KILLER JOE. Here is a character who laughs at the heavens when the world falls on top of him. To me, his performance is the key that gives the audience permission to laugh. We sat down to talk about just that as well as his potential writing/directing future! Check out Emile's performance in KILLER JOE, opening this week. It's one of the year's best!

"There were certain scenes where I was like 'Is this a drama? Because this is f*ckin' weird"

Source: JoBlo.com



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