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Okay, forget for a moment that Jack Black has become a pretty major star in the past few years. From SCHOOL OF ROCK to KING KONG, and don’t forget I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, he has found major success in spite of what is usually considered a "Hollywood star". Now if you really know Mr. Black, and I mean REALLY know him, you will also know Kyle Gass and if you know the two of them you certainly know Tenacious D. And in THE PICK OF DESTINY, the boys get down to what they do best and that is drugs, rock and roll and a whole lotta funny.

I recently got to sit down with the D when they stopped by The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills . It might have been the strangest interview I’ve ever been a part of but it was also funny as hell. There is a reason these two are together, making movies and making music. Sitting with these two guys, there is no question as to why The D may be one of the most unique and creative duos around. So read on my children… and find out the meaning of “Fligu Gigu”.

Kyle Gass & Jack Black

Jack Black: Alright, we’re ready. Ask away.

Jack, are you more comfortable with the acting or the music?

JB: Yeah, no, there all together… That’s like... what is that like, saying what do you like better?

Kyle Gass: Breathing in or breathing out.

JB: Yeah… [Laughing]

God forbid this would ever happen, but if you guys had to rock off against each other to save your souls, who would win?

JB: Have we ever had a mountaintop battle?

KG: I think we did, one time.

JB: Cage match?

KG: I think we did.

JB: Um, well it depends. If Cage is gonna come at me and were gonna say, “Choose your weapon.” “We will only use singing, my lord.” [I’d] probably slay him. But if he says, “Step into the cage, let’s go guitar battle.” Cage would definitely kick my ass.

KG: That’s the title of my solo album.

JB: Step into the cage. [Laughter]

What is it about musicians that women go for?

KG: I don’t know, thank God though. [Laughter] I need all the help I can get.

JB: Ummm…

KG: I don’t know, what is that? I think that music is somehow simulating sex. We have some sort of special touch.

JB: I think it’s because when you sing, automatically… even if you’re singing [metal voice] hard rockin’, you’re showing a sensitive side, artistic. And the women I think are a little attracted by the…

KG: It seems like we’d be good in the sack.

JB: Women are lesbians; they’re attracted to the feminine man. [Laughter]

Can you describe the ideal groupie?

KG: Mute and…

JB: Mutant!?! [Laughter]

KG: Mute.

JB: She’s mute! Oh no, something horrible. Um, the ideal groupie… Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable answering that… I have a wife and child now. [Laughter]

How’s that going?

JB: Fantastic! Fantastic!

How do you like being a dad?

JB: Excellent. He’s four and a half months, he’s very cute but that’s not important. That’s not what’s important. He’s super funny and his personality’s filling out. It’s crazy. He got his shots yesterday. Very traumatic for me, it wasn’t so bad for him though. I mean, he cried and then he stopped but I continued. [Laughter]

What was the first tasty jam that you guys munched on?

JB: First tasty jam was… there was a lame song I’m not gonna say… well, the first song we did was TRIBUTE. That was our first song we wrote and um, that was the first power jam really.

[Who] was your inspiration when you were young?

KG: The inspiration for TRIBUTE was Metallica’s ONE.

JB: That’s true.

KG: Jack played it for me once…

JB: I turned it on… turned Kyle onto it and I said, “I think they’re the best band in the world. Metallica. And I think this song is the best song in the world.” And then Kyle agreed after he listened to it thrice. At first he said nay. Then he said perhaps. And then he said yeah.

KG: Yeah, it had an epic quality. As long as you’re doing it, you might as well try to go for the greatest song ever.

Could you talk about the writing process? Do you do you’re best writing in the morning, the afternoon, is there something that triggers ideas?

KG: Definitely a nighttime thing… I think.

The crack of noon…

KG: Yeah. Jack doesn’t really get rolling till’ around two or three… mentally.

We’re you watching a lot of films while you were writing this? Like, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE… that’s a good idea.

KG: Are you saying we steal all of our [ideals]. It’s an homage.

JB: Well when we were writing the script, it got to that scene and it was like, this could be a great Clockwork Orange. But we weren’t thinking… Clockwork Orange… how can we squeeze it into the movie, it just sort of naturally came up; it was a good place for an homage.

How hard was it to write this, keeping in mind [that] many may not be familiar with Tenacious D?

KG: It was definitely a challenge to sort of try to serve both the camps.

JB: That’s why we did this movie as sort of the origin episode of like a comic book where you start before there was a Tenacious D. Cause if we would have started in the middle of our existence then people would have had to do a lot of catching up. But, besides that it was really…

KG: I think we tilted it more for the fans I think.

JB: Yeah.

KG: Sort of hoping that people got it.

Was the “Operatic” format there from the beginning in your concept?

KG: Nope. No. I’m not gonna comment.

JB: I got mad at Kyle in the last interview cuz he said we should have done the whole thing as an opera without any talking. I went [mock anger] “What are you talking… Stop saying’ bad things about the movie!”


: I wasn’t… It’s an option.

JB: He’s like, “Yes, we blew it.” [Laughter] “Shoulda done an opera.”

KG: It came out wrong… it came out wrong.

JB: I digress…

KG: The opening scene is mind-blowing. And it’s just… ohhh. And then I just sometimes get a little sad when it stops.

JB: [Laughing] That song is not easy to write. To write a full opera, you gotta take your hats off to The Who, but on the other hand, that movie [TOMMY] kinda sucked. And it’s probably because it was an opera from beginning to end… Kyle… [Laughter]

KG: I’m gonna put EVITA in that category too.

JB: You gotta stop and start talking at some point.

KG: I agree.

JB: You’ve gotta talk and communicate without singing. It’s annoying.

Can you define “Fligu gigu”?

JB: Well, I think you’ve pronounced it wrong.

[Again] Fligu gigu.

JB: Well, what is that from?

I think, TRIBUTE.

JB: Oh, Fligu Gigu.


JB: Fligu Gigu…Fligu Gigu…

Yeah, where do you come up with these sounds that you…?

JB: [Singing] Fligu Gigu, Gigu gigu. Gigre, gigu gigu. Yeah just sounds I like to make. [Laughter] There are no definitions. Bligi gigi bugiu ging. I guess it’s kind of baby talk really. There’s a lot of goo goo’s in there. [The spelling here may have been questionable.]

How would you describe the D? When Liam [Lynch] was asked if you were satirists, he said you were Satanists.

KG: I think it balances between some hard-rockin’ and having fun with the [form], the lyrics.

JB: I don’t think there’s any real satire in there, is there. Well… we make fun of Satan; we make fun of the devil in rock a little bit.

KG: I think our commitment to the rock is funny, to me. I mean, I think there’s something funny when you sort of play on the Black Sabbath, Satan thing. Which when you look back seems really funny but you don’t think there’s any irony in those guys but now I think, when we do it, hopefully it [occurs].

JB: Yeah.

So why is Tenacious D the greatest rock band in the world?

JB: We have never said that we were the greatest rock band in the world, um, other people have said it and it’s always flattering. Well, the reason we are “great”, whatever you wanna call us I think is because of our “chem”istry [pronounced with the C and the H]. [Laughter]

KG: It’s pronounced chem-s-tree.

JB: Kyle and I… I think there’s a… sometimes, you get lucky. Me and Kyle stumbled upon each other and immediately it was apparent that when me and Kyle were friends that walking down the street, it was like, you know… peanut butter and chocolate, lightning and thunder… when we’re together, we are ten times the rock beast that we are alone. We’re not just twice as powerful when were together, but ten times as powerful. Like a transformer, a rock transformer.

Kyle, you’re also in a group called Train Wreck, is it more fulfilling to do something…

KG: I started Train Wreck so I could talk on stage. [Laughter] Cuz Jack is a steam rollin’ muther f*cker up there. Jack is really entertaining and I was gonna say the reason it rocked so hard is Jack is awesome.

JB: Owww. Dude.

KG: It’s true. You just got some great pipes and it’s just really fun to watch. I still enjoy watching Jack perform after a bazillion years of watching him. It’s really, its fun… But yeah, Train Wreck so that I could… it is satisfying. But I figured out mathematically that Tenacious D is actually a thousand times more popular.

JB: [Laughing] we’ll see, after the movie comes out.

Are you planning a tour?

JB: Yeah, we’re doing one when the movie opens. We actually start before the movie opens. Cuz now the movie opens on the 22nd and our tour starts on [questioning] the 17th. And so those people from the 17th to the 22nd will not know what the hell we’re singing about, because they will not have seen the movie.

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