Colors collide as Jack White & Jack Black team up on a new Tenacious D track

Tenacious D, Jack White, Jack Black

We've all waited long enough, and now the time has finally come for Black and White to come together as one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a collaborative musical effort between The White Stripes frontman Jack White, and actor-musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D! Recently, all three rock 'n' roll legends teamed up for Tencious D's new single, "Don't Blow It, Kage," a short but tasty jam produced by White and released on his Third Man label.

Unleashed as a limited edition 45 last week for Record Store Day Black Friday, "Don't Blow It, Kage," is now available to stream on Tidal, Spotify, and other digital music platforms.

Jack White invited us to party, he wanted us to kick out the jams,” Black sings to his guitar playing partner, Kyle Gass, warning him: “Don’t blow it Kage, just play the best shit you’ve ever fuckin’ played.” Before long, Black gives Gass the signal to rip into brief but ass-kicking acoustic solo. “That sucked, you did not fuckin’ party… / Jack White is drinkin’ a Bacardi / You did not fuckin’ kick out the jams / You blew it, Kage, you played the worst shit you’ve ever fuckin’ played.” Toward the end of the two-minute track, White makes a flattering guest apperance while Gass continues to shred. Upon entering the scene, White asks Black if he'd like to form a new band. Naturally, Black enthusiastically accepts, but then pleads for Gass not to leave his side. By the end of the song, all three musicians can be heard shouting the chorus, thereby forming a triumphant trifecta of tenacious rockability.

Previously, Black posted a preview mini-documentary, dubbed "Jack Gray," about Tenacious D's visit to White's Nashville studio and said the recording in Third Man's "blue room" took place “in record time—that was a really fast recording session.” (via Variety) You can check out Black's "Jack Gray" documentary video below:

Now that we've given you your daily dose of "D," it's time for us to rock on outta here. Stay cool, folks, and don't ever let anyone tell you that rockin' the horns isn't cool anymore.

Source: Variety

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