Interviews: Kevin Hart and Melody Hurd on Netflix’s Fatherhood!

It's a beautiful thing to see an actor - even a hugely successful one - take on something new. Kevin Hart is simply fantastic in the new dramatic comedy FATHERHOOD. The PG-13 feature is filled with some truly impactful moments thanks to Mr. Hart's wonderful performance as a father who is forced to raise his daughter on his own after a tragic event occurs. However, he's also given a delightful co-star with the very talented young actress, Melody Hurd, and the two shine in every single moment. The new film is heading to Netflix this coming Friday, and the Paul Weitz directed tale will likely bring a tear to your eye, as well as a number of well-earned smiles. This is a charmer of a movie.

Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with both Mr. Hart and Ms. Hurd, and it was a delightful conversation. First off, Melody Hurd will charm you instantly, and it's clear why she was cast opposite Kevin. The two opened up about working together and finding the right amount of chemistry between them. The two are so good in the new film, but it was clear from the interaction here that they still truly enjoyed the experience of working together. And while Kevin Hart has certainly proven his merit as an actor, it was especially satisfying to see him in this performance. This is a wonderful film and one that is sure to bring the family together this coming Father's Day.

Make sure you check out Fatherhood, this Friday, available on Netflix, it's a joy of a film with heart and a little hope thrown in for good measure. Coming soon, interviews with Paul Weitz, Anthony Carrigan, DeWanda Wise, and Lil Rey Howery!

Source: JoBlo.com

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