Will Ferrell re-dons the mustache as he reprises Ron Burgundy for Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady

Ferrell’s alter ego, who notoriously spouts whatever comes to mind without filter, makes a reappearance for some jabs at one of the biggest figures in the NFL.

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While Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was released back in 2013, no solid plan for a follow-up has been announced. However, this does not mean that Ron Burgundy is officially gone from the spotlight, as Will Ferrell looks to break out the character every now and then. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest instance of Burgundy’s mustachioed return came at the Netflix comedy special, The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady. Before Burgundy took the stage, he was introduced as “a living legend, a world-class lover and the No. 1 news anchor in all of Sunday.” Then, Ferrell sported a corduroy jacket and proceeded to joke, “My name is Ron Burgundy. I am a very big deal but tonight is not about me. …We are here to honor a champion of the gridiron, a great American, a father and a sexy man, a true patriot — until he was not.”

Burgundy would start in on the obvious target of Brady’s good looks, “This man is gorgeous. … Look at those cheekbones. That’s a million-watt smile right there. … I could get lost in those eyes and right now I am that person,” he said. “Ron, pull it together. You’re a straight man. He’s making you question your sexuality. Stop looking at him. You’re here to make fun of him. Not fall in love. Concentrate.” Burgundy would then continue, “Tom, it’s clear, everybody up here loves you. I love you, although it might just be lust. Could be love, we’ll never know.” Ferrell’s Anchorman character would move on to address the post-football career of Brady. As Burgundy is a champion of the news, he references the possibility of Brady taking on his own broadcasting position, “I can’t wait for you to be up there on Fox Sports commentating on the game you loved, or playing for the Raiders in the playoffs, or coaching the Patriots, or whatever the f*ck you’re gonna do.” He quipped that Tom was “boring” to watch. Then, he continued, “I never liked you Tom in all my years of watching professional football. I never saw a more boring quarterback,” he said, later adding: “He actually made me look forward to all the fun and laughter of a Bill Belichick postgame interview.”

Burgundy segued into poking fun at Brady’s former Patriots coach, “By the way, Bill, wherever you are, I hope, you know, I hope you know it now it was Tom, it was never you. … Remember that period when people thought it was you. Well, it wasn’t. It was Tom. I understand, Bill. You’re currently unemployed. Good luck on ZipRecruiter. There are a lot of jobs in the health care field. I hear male nurses are in great demand and with your bedside manner, no one would rather wake up after gallbladder surgery and look into the loving kind face of Bill Belichick as he gives you a sponge bath.”

Then, Ferrell brought it home, saying, “I mean, let’s be honest. Your best years are behind you, Tom. The Super Bowls, Gisele, your movie career, it’s all done, it’s all gone. But you won’t be forgotten, you’ll always be remembered as Eli Manning’s bitch. Don’t let that get you down, Tom. Like I said before, we all love you. In fact, only one man truly hates you and it is my pleasure to bring him out here, Mr. Bill Belichick,”

Source: THR

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