Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon and Tom Brady drop a new jingle for Dunkin’ in a Super Bowl ad

Dunkin’ continues their “Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe” with a continuation from last year’s ad featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Super Bowl LVIII is in the books, and with the big game comes the big game TV spots for upcoming anticipated films. Viewers were able to get a peek at trailers for Kung Fu Panda 4, Deadpool & Wolverine, Wicked, IF, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Twisters and more. In addition to movie ads, Super Bowl commercials would feature traditional cameos from various notable names. In a T-Mobile ad, the cast of Suits would reunite along with several other appearances by Academy Award hopeful Bradley Cooper, Common, Donald Faison and Zach Braff. State Farm pulled out a big gun with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in a fictional action movie and playing on his accent in a joke that resembled a classic Simpsons gag.

Then, we have the star-studded affair from Dunkin’, formerly Dunkin’ Donuts. The Hollywood Reporter spotlights a humorous ad in which Jennifer Lopez’s music recording session gets interrupted by her hubby, Ben Affleck, as he aims to show her his musical abilities. Affleck pops into the studio with Jack Harlow, sporting a flashy Dunkin’ tracksuit and refers to himself as the DunKing. Affleck and Harlow wouldn’t come alone, though. While Jennifer Lopez looks on horrified, Big Ben throws to his DJ in the song, played by Tom Brady, and Affleck would introduce his partner in crime, Matt Damon. Both play on their undying loyalty to each other as Damon looks and feels ashamed to be in the commercial and Affleck reminds him that he pledged to support him.

Before Affleck pops into the studio, Harlow tries to talk him out of his plan, but Ben would say, “Last year, [J.Lo] came to my work, now I’ve got to show her what I can do.” This is a reference to a former Super Bowl commercial with Dunkin’ where Affleck worked a drive-thru at a Dunkin’ location and Lopez would order coffee from him. Dunkin’ refers to these ads as “The Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe” in the official press release. As Affleck drops a new jingle as the DunKing, rapper and producer Fat Joe enters the frame next to Lopez as he looks on in confusion and Damon plays on his famous, “How do you like them apples?” line from Good Will Hunting.

The commercial is an over-the-top ad that makes use of famously dramatic actors and puts them in a comedic situation as fictional versions of themselves. It also resembles a joke from Adam Sandler’s comedy, Jack & Jill, where Al Pacino is being courted by Sandler’s ad executive and ends up doing an ad for Dunkin’. The movie makes a joke out of parading Pacino in an over-the-top commercial where he raps about a drink called the “Dunkaccino.” Then, it’s revealed that Pacino is regretful and embarrassed to have taken part in the ad and wants it destroyed.

Source: THR

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