Iron Man 3 adds another castmember in James Badge Dale

As IRON MAN 3 prepares to go before the lens within the next month, another actor has joined its ranks.  James Badge Dale (THE PACIFIC, THE DEPARTED) has signed on to play Eric Slavin, who is a cyborg/mercenary named Coldblood in his Marvel Comics form.  No word on whether or not the character will take on this form in the film or not, but then again, the details have been pretty sparse on the sequel anyway.  Not that I'm complaining.  I like the suspense and Marvel has been pretty good at keeping specific details under wraps thus far. 

I'm totally stoked for Shane Black's interpretation of the character and anticipate a really cool, funny, and action-packed character piece with some really sweet techno-gadgetry.  That's just wishful thinking, but I'm a big fan of Black's work, so perhaps my wish will come true.

Either way, IRON MAN 3 is heating up.  Expect to hear more as it starts production and mark your calendar for May 3, 2013 (less than a year, folks!) when it hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: Without spoiling the ending to The Departed, I have to confess that I hated
Source: Deadline



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