Is Adam McKay adapting Garth Ennis' The Boys?

Adam McKay is a director/writer we know for goofy shit like ANCHORMAN, TALLADEGA NIGHTS, and STEP BROTHERS. Now according to Samuel Bayer, McKay might be adapting "The Boys" from writer Garth Ennis.

When Film School Rejects spoke to Bayer for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, they got the tidbit from the director. Bayer has been interested in the project for awhile, but wasn't sure if he'd get it, “It’s so funny, I would die to do that comic book. From what I’ve heard from the producers on the movie is that Adam McKay is doing it. He did Anchorman, I guess. The studio is really hot on him and…”, he paused then continued, “Let’s have the movie come out this weekend and do really well. Then we’ll see how my stock is in Hollywood.”

"The Boys" is an on-going series from Ennis. It's had some problems. After book #6 the series was canceled then a year later got picked back up by Dynamite. The series is set in a world very much like our own except that certain people have superpowers. A squad of badass CIA members, known as "The Boys" keep superheroes in line and if necessary take them down. Ennis has mentioned that the series will out Preacher "Preacher".

If all goes well for Bayer, he may get a shot at "The Boys". Ennis is a great writer, so I really hope this gets picked up. As for McKay adapting it, that would be a very interesting step for him.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone read this? Why does that one guy look like Simon Pegg? Apparently, Pegg did a foreword for a collected edition of six issues published with Dynamite.



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