Is Mark Wahlberg in talks with Michael Bay to star in Transformers 4?

UPDATE:  Well, apparently Michael Bay REALLY doesn't want us to be misled on this as he has addressed the casting rumor via his own site with this little tidbit:

The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor.

Mark and I are talking about another film project.


So, straight from the director, it appears the Wahlberg rumor is false...until it isn't.  Wahlberg is busy preparing for Peter Berg's LONE SURVIVOR, while Bay finishes up PAIN AND GAIN, before jumping back into the money-printing machine that is the TRANSFORMERS franchise for a fourth outing.  We'll continue to wait with bated breath to see who Bay casts.  Right?

- Paul Shirey

Hang on, I thought that the protagonist for TRANSFORMERS 4 was going to be a female...

According to Twitch, Michael Bay is in very early talks with Mark Wahlberg to take the lead in the fourth film of the franchise. Now this could be plausible since Bay and Wahlberg have been working together on PAIN & GAIN. For right now just consider any news related to this a rumor until Bay takes to his own webpage, or the studio makes a statement.

They also state that writer for the second and third Transformer installments, Ehren Kruger is working on that script that includes, "an adult star (the part being discussed with Wahlberg) and his teenage child with the idea being that the child would then grow to be the focus of subsequent entries in the series."

Thoughts on the situation if it is indeed true? It would still make money. If it's got Transformers, and as long as the lead isn't "insert terrible joke actor here" then it should be fine. I'm not as emotionally invested in this franchise as most, so maybe you guys have some more inspired opinions on the topic.

Extra Tidbit: Who would YOU like to see cast in a fourth Transformers?
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