It: Chapter 2 to float into Toronto and begin shooting this July

If you find yourself in Toronto, Canada this July, and spot any red balloons floating about the city streets, you might want to do your best to stay away from any sewer grates. Why? Because there's a chance that Pennywise the Dancing Clown will reach out and grab you, when the sequel to Andy Muschietti's IT begins filming in Canada's "Hollywood North" this summer. For the moment, the script to Muschietti's follow-up is still being finalized, though producer Roy Lee has confirmed to IndieWire that those in charge are currently in the process of scouting out locations for the shape-shifting clown to terrorize.

When IT: CHAPTER TWO arrives, the film will pick up 27-years after the events of the original. So far, we know that  Bill Skarsgard is set to return as Pennywise. Additionally, back in February, Variety announced that two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain was in negotiations to play the adult version of Beverly Marsh in the sequel, a character first portrayed by Sophia Lillis in the 2017 reboot of Stephen King's coming-of-age horror tale.

After creating the film on a budget of $35 million, Andy Muschietti's IT went on to earn a total of $700.3 million in worldwide receipts. In fact, the only films that floated above IT that year were Rian Johnson's STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, Disney's live-action version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. Nevertheless, none of those films were Rated-R, which is yet another feather in the horror film's vaudevillian cap.

Do you think that the second chapter of Pennywise's tale of terror will outsell its predecessor? Who do you think should play the adult versions of the Losers Club kids in the new movie? Are you hoping that Pennywise transforms into something other than a giant spider at the close of the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

IT: CHAPTER TWO is scheduled to float into theaters on September 6th, 2019

Source: IndieWire



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