It's about time. Kyle Patrick Alvarez to adapt story from David Sedaris

I'm a little late to the David Sedaris bandwagon.

A couple of years ago, my Father purchased Sedaris' book "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and gave it to me. As I read it, I wondered where the hell this had been all my life. It was the same feeling I got when I read Chuck Palahniuk for the first time.

Once upon a time, that very book was supposed to be turned into a full length feature helmed by Wayne Wang (ANYWHERE BUT HERE, CHINESE BOX). After Sedaris stressed concerns about how his family would be portrayed, he decided to decline on the project.

Now our friends from Gordon and The Whale have it on very solid authority that EASIER WITH PRACTICE director Kyle Patrick Alvarez will be adapting a short story of Sedaris'. They got in touch with Alvarez through Facebook who said this on the newest project, "I can confirm that project is real. The rights I got are to the story “C.O.G.” I’ve finished script and I’m currently working on getting it financed."

What is this C.O.G.? It a short story from Sedaris' 1997 book titled Naked. The synopsis is nothing short of quirky:

"A description of Sedaris’ job cutting stone into clocks in the shape of Oregon. He teams up with a co-worker who describes himself as a “C.O.G.” (Child of God), and the two try to sell their stones at local craft fairs."

Extra Tidbit: I use to watch the shit out of David's sister Amy on STRANGERS WITH CANDY.



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