It's all action and dinosaur noises in a new Super 8 trailer

MTV is giving us more than just an award show that exists for the sole purpose of giving Twilight movies the recognition they so clearly deserve. Rather, they've debuted a new trailer for SUPER 8, one of the most anticiapted films of the summer due to the involvement of JJ Abrams and the fact that it's not based on a comic or children's toy.

The trailer is ALL action, and I actually prefer the original spot that starts out slow. We've seen very little from this film so far, and some might say this new trailer even gives up too much. But I do not say that and I think it's rather dumb to classify one new minute of footage in a film that's shown us about two minutes of total footage "spoilers," but watch with caution I suppose.

The most notable thing I took from the trailer was that whatever this thing is, it sounds an awful lot like the Cloverfield Monster as it emits what I can best describe as "dinosaur noises." As for the rest, watch for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: I'm hoping this is excellent, definitely seems like a solid ET/CLOSE ENCOUNTERS throwback.
Source: MTV



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