Jack Black talks Goosebumps plus first images from the film

GOOSEBUMPS, based on the children's book series, will see a young kid team up with the niece of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Greendale, Maryland. Jack Black is playing the role of the famous author, and recently spoke about the project. You can check out the interview here, but I've included the hightlights below.

On why Jack Black chose to do the movie:

Well, I read the script, saw my friend Rob Letterman was directing it and I thought it was great. It’s funny and scary—something that would be great to take my kids to. And something that would be fun to make. And I had never read any of the R. L. Stein books as a kid because I grew up before then. But after I read the script and signed on to do the movie, I read some of the books and they’re great.

In regards to kids needing scary movies:

Well, kids like scary movies, but you can’t take them to what are the big scary movies now where Satan comes out and bites your genitals off. Those movies can actually leave you mentally scared; that’s not for kids. But kids still like to get a little thrill and a little danger, so you need projects like this.

I read several of the Goosebumps books when I was younger, but was a little over it by the time the TV show landed. I'm pretty indifferent towards what director Rob Letterman has in store for audiences come next year, but Jack Black makes a pretty good point in regards to children not having much in the way of "scary pictures".

GOOSEBUMPS, starring Jack Black, Odeya Rush, Ella Wahlestedt, and Dylan Minnette, will hit theaters on August 7, 2015.



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