Jack the Giant Killer scribe Darren Lemke takes on the Goosebumps adaptation

There's a certain comfort in knowing that if I mention the book series, Goosebumps that the majority of you will experience a sweet nostalgia. I know I do. Back in the 90s, I was filled with immense joy when a new book would come out. Over the years, I would go back and revisit my favorite ones like "One Day at Horrorland" or "The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena". R.L. Stine was one of the best horror writers for kids.

Taking Goosebumps to the big screen has been on the plate over at Columbia for a bit now. The studio picked up the rights to 50 books from the series. There's no word on whether they were using them for inspiration or would settle on one eventually. It's also possible that they will adapt more than one title if all goes well. All that's mentioned is that they are trying to "crack the code for the story".

Several writers have been attached though none have stuck so far. The latest scribe to sign on is Darren Lemke who recently wrote the screenplay for Bryan Singer's JACK THE GIANT KILLER. Can't say that I completely approve but I have been surprised by certain writers in the past. Regardless of how it turns out, I will still check it out when it hits Netflix.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Goosebumps book?
Source: THR



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