Jackman and Egerton talk Eddie the Eagle; update on Kingsman 2 & Wolverine 3

The 2016 edition of the Sundance Film Festival is about halfway over, and as is tradition, the fest is putting on a special “secret” screening for volunteers and lucky ticket holders. This year, Fox brought EDDIE THE EAGLE, the much-buzzed about story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, a misfit whose adventures at the 1988 Olympic games as a ski jumper resulted in some hasty rule changes. While my review won’t be out until the week of the movie’s release, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s a nice, light antidote for some of the heavier movies programmed.

StarsHugh JackmanandTaron Egertonattended the festival to help promote the movie, and I was lucky enough to get a solid ten minutes with them for an interview - which you can check-out right here. I apologize for the DIY iPad style. Stay tuned to the end for updates on WOLVERINE 2, the KINGSMAN sequel, and ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS.

Egerton on Kingsman sequel:

KINGSMAN 2 is very much underway, y'know, there's a script, it's brilliant. Um, Matthew's [Vaughn] got some really-it's ambitious, y'know, the scale of it's gonna be five times what the last one was. There's gonna be some great surprises in there, y'know, people aren't going to be disappointed."

Jackman on the next (last) Wolverine:

Yeah, man, we're gettin' ready, we're still doing final tweaks on the script I suppose. We're almost there and getting ready to shoot it soon, man.

DiretcorDexter Fletcheralso attended, and sat down with me to tell me about his relationship with producer Matthew Vaughn, with the two going back all the way to Dexter’s first trip to Sundance, in 1998 for LOCK, STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS.

Extra Tidbit: EDDIE THE EAGLE opens in theaters February 26th.
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