Jackman the Showman

After Wolverine's hoedown with Deadpool and Sabretooth disappointed some fans of the clawed mutant, Hugh Jackman is taking his golden throat and fleet feet to a bigger show. The greatest show, in fact, on the whole damn globe.

Our favorite brawny-but-agile Aussie will slip on his song-and-dance pants for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH, a musical about famed huckster/ringleader P.T. Barnum (known the world over for his large circuses and animal crackers) and his infatuation with singer Jenny "The Swedish Nightingale" Lind.

The project is already being assembled as a package -- Laurence Mark (DREAMGIRLS) is producing, and Jenny Bicks (who worked on Jackman's Academy Awards hosting duties) is writing the script, with the Lind role being written specifically for Hugh's not-exactly-unsuspecting Oscar stage partner Anne Hathaway.

Brit musician Mika is being sought to provide tunage, which will have a modern flair (presumably a la MOULIN ROUGE!). Jackman has also been planning a new version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's CAROUSEL (also with Hathaway), but he'll be spending the remainder of this year with Daniel Craig.

Extra Tidbit: Jackman won a Tony for the musical "The Boy from Oz", and a mere two televised episodes for the US TV musical show "Viva Laughlin." Not everyone appreciates musicals, it would seem.
Source: Variety



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