Jada Pinkett Smith joins Fox's Gotham as a series villain

Here we go again with some more interesting casting on Fox's new Batman-themed series, Gotham. Jada Pinkett Smith has been cast as Fish Mooney, a feared gangster boss. Mooney has a low-level psychopath named Oswald Cobblebot in her charge, whom we already know is being played by Robert Lord Taylor and her character description is pretty harsh.

Smith will play Fish Mooney, an imposing, hotheaded and notoriously sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner with street smarts and almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book who is not one to be crossed.

Pinkett Smith hasn't been in a live-action role since the TV show Hawthorne, so this is an interesting choice that's bringing her back into the fold. She is the third female role to be cast in the show, joining Erin Richards as James Gordon's fiance, Barbara Kean (the future Barbara Gordon) and Zabryna Guevara as Gordon's boss Captain Sarah Essen. The casting continues to intrigue...

Gotham, which has a series commitment, goes into production next month with an eye toward a fall release.

Source: Deadline



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