Jaime King and Jamie Chung join Sin City 2 which has begun filming

Two more cast-members have joined Robert Rodriguez' SIN CITY 2. Jaime King, who played Goldie in the 2005 film, will return as Goldie's twin sister Wendy for the 2013 sequel. Jamie Chung will take over the role of roller-skating assassin Miho, who was previously played by Devon Aoki.

These actresses will join the already returning Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, and Rosario Dawson. The Hollywood Reporter says there is no news on the casting for Ava, which was intended as a role for Angelina Jolie. They also mention Clive Owen may still return as Dwight, but nothing is official yet.

Like the first film, SIN CITY 2 will be comprised of separate stories from the Frank Miller series including "A Dame To Kill For" as well as an original story written specifically for the sequel. Despite the lack of some main cast, SIN CITY 2 is currently filming at Troublemaker Studios in Austin.

I really enjoyed the first movie and hope that this one comes together. It worries me that they are filming and don't even have all the actors on board yet. But, Rodriguez is used to filming in a slapdash manner. I just hope this movie doesn't turn into another ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY AND LAVA GIRL.

Rodriguez does have plenty of time as SIN CITY 2 is not slated to open until October 4, 2013.



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