James Cameron is involved with the Spider-Man reboot! Sorta.

Nearly two decades ago, long before the comic movie craze caught fire, James Cameron planned to make SPIDER-MAN. And although he's since moved on to crafting entire new worlds from powerful processors, he's still caught in the web. By Webb.

As we know, Sony has (500) DAYS OF SUMMER director Marc Webb relaunching the wall-crawler, and wants it to be delivered in lucrative 3-D format. Is there anyone more qualified to dispense knowledge of the format than the guy who made two billion bucks with it? SHITNO.

According to MTV, Webb had a powwow with the tech-savvy box office overlord to compare notes and discuss the complexities of filming in 3-D (as opposed to the frenzy of post-production converting that's the new rage). As AVATAR producer Jon Landau says, "[Webb] wants to do the next one in 3-D, which they’ve announced that they want to do. So, we want to try to support that as much as possible."

While it's unknown just how much further Cameron will be involved beyond the initial mindmeld, he is an admitted fan of Webb's Zooey/JGL romcom, and clearly has an affinity for the character. As he recently said: "I've sort of made it pretty clear that Spider-Man was the guy I liked when I was a kid and I wasn't too interested in the others. I feel there are too many superhero movies right now, I think Hollywood's in a bit of a rut. They've done the good ones and they're starting to get down to the second and third tier of superheroes — the guys that would not be asked to speak at the annual superhero dinner."

He will obviously be busy doing an AVATAR sequel, or BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, or going back underwater for another decade, but having a guy like Cameron steering you in the right direction can't hurt -- maybe they'll get him involved as a producer?

Extra Tidbit: You can read Cameron's SPIDEY treatment (the origin of the controversial organic webshooters) right HERE.
Source: MTV



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