James Franco and Kate Hudson do something bad in Good People trailer

If you're not too busy checking out James Franco's selfies on Instagram, the man has a picture being released later this year with the lovely Kate Hudson. GOOD PEOPLE is the age-old tale of some people finding a ridiculous sum of money and NOT turning it in. I keep waiting for this to happen to me, but then I remember what usually happens afterwards, and that usually involves the police, betrayal, and a gun or two.

Check out how Franco and Hudson deal with it here:

I've always enjoyed films where everyday characters are in over their heads, almost as if I'm preparing for the day that Omar Sy will chase me down. Regardless of the outcome, it's always the actors that make it work and I'm game to see Franco and Hudson do their thing.  Tom Wilkinson is also a nice touch, lending the gravitas that would probably have me curling up in the fetal position, handing him the bag of money while salty tears of submission stream down my cheeks.  Wow, I've given this a lot of thought.

GOOD PEOPLE, starring James Franco, Kate Hudson, Tom Wilkinson, and Omar Sy, is set to released later in 2014.  If you need to get your Franco fix a little earlier, Dave Franco can be seen in NEIGHBORS (which I hear is one damn fine comedy), now out in theaters.

Let's be real: I'm game to see Kate Hudson do just about anything.

Extra Tidbit: James Franco and Kate Hudson share the same birthday (April 19).



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