James Franco will give Winona Ryder the unwelcome eyeball in The Stare

And in today's James Franco news...

The ubiquitous actor-writer-director-scholar will star in the upcoming thriller THE STARE, featuring Winona Ryder.

Ryder plays a playwright (right?) who, according to Deadline, "finds her mind beginning to warp as she struggles to launch her next production. She's plagued by dreams and visions of being watched, but can't decide if she's at the center of a manipulative plot or simply losing her grip on reality." Franco will play one of the players in the playwright's play.

The project comes from new company Waterstone Entertainment, who is also working on something else for Franco to direct, because of course he will.

THE STARE will be directed by Jay Anania, who previously worked with Franco on the indie drama SHADOWS & LIES (aka WILLIAM VINCENT), which is going straight to DVD in June.

Meanwhile, Franco has, like, seven hundred other projects he's working on or considering, including Sam Raimi's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, the hitman movie THE ICEMAN, and whatever else he's writing or directing or learning this week. He'll make wicked smart simians this summer in RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else kinda forget about Winona Ryder until she randomly started showing up in movies like STAR TREK and BLACK SWAN?
Source: Deadline



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