James Mangold to helm Ford vs. Ferrari, a race car drama, for Fox

After abandoning the Patty Hearst biopic at Fox, LOGAN director James Mangold will partner with the 20th Century studio to helm a yet-to-be-titled film project based on the race car battle between Ford and Ferrari.

In regard to the project's plot, Mangold's car drama will follow an eccentric team of American engineers and designers led by automotive visionary Carroll Shelby and his British driver, Ken Miles, who are dispatched by Henry Ford II with the mission of building from scratch an entirely new race car with the potential to finally defeat the perennially dominant Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship.

As per the deal, Mangold will develop the project by way of a partnership with EDGE OF TOMORROW screenwriters Jez and John-Henry Butterworth. Chernin Entertainment, the same label that is set to present the Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller RED SPARROW, will produce.

For the moment, there's no telling if the race car drama will be Mangold's next feature, or if his plans to contribute to Fox's THE FORCE crime thriller, or the LOGAN spinoff, X-23, will take precedents.

While a race car drama certainly does sound ... interesting, I must admit that I'm far more interested in hearing more about that LOGAN spinoff. How awesome would it be to see Daphne Keen reprise her role as Laura Kinney, and lead a band of young mutants in the war for equal treatment among their powerless brethren? Give me the keys to that vehicle, and set that beast to cruise control!



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