James Vanderbilt penning the sequel for The Amazing Spider-Man

The first installment of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN isn't even done shooting and already a writer is lined up for the sequel.

Of course this isn't anything unusual. Writers get hired for sequels before the movie comes out all the time. They didn't venture very far off the beaten path for a scribe either. Actually, they just re-hired the same guy.

James Vanderbilt (ZODIAC, THE LOSERS) will be penning the second installment of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Yesterday, Vanderbilt had a meeting with Spider-Man filmmakers and studio execs to go over his outline for part two. They gave him the thumbs up and now it's time for Vanderbilt to put the ideas on paper. Back when Spider 4 was being planned with Sam Raimi, Vanderbilt was going to to write that script. They say he was chosen for the job because he was more focused on character detail rather than how to fit in special effects.

When Spidey 4 was dumped and a reboot came into play, they liked Vanderbilt so much they kept him.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is due to wrap mid-April with the final product to release July 3rd, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: So who is still keeping an open mind about this film?
Source: THR



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