James Wan explains why an Aquaman teaser hasn't surfaced yet

With about nine months to go before AQUAMAN hits theaters, we should be getting something in way of new promotional material quite soon. In fact, a rumor was going around that a teaser trailer for the movie would be hitting shores this weekend, but alas, our thirsts were left unquenched. Many fans are disappointed, but director James Wan says the reason for any sort of footage delay is because he wants everything to look immaculate before we see underwater action.

After the rumors spread like wildfire that a teaser would be arriving this weekend, Wan took to Twitter to discredit those rumors, in the process saying it’s him who’s holding everything up. He follows it up with a few more tweets, unleashing waves of oceanic puns in the process.

We saw Aquaman (Jason Momoa) not too long ago in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, but considering it's the lowest-grossing DCEU movie, it was not the royal welcome the Atlantean deserved. However, things may bode well for the character’s solo movie, as reports have come out saying a few early test screenings have gone over very well. Now, anything can happen after such screenings, but maybe this is a good sign Wan and the team is the right track to delivering a solid flick.

Seeing as we still have most of the year to go before the movie comes out I am not expecting anything in the way of a trailer for at least a few weeks. Most of these big superhero movies, like AVENGERS, BLACK PANTHER and more, usually don't put out footage until a good 6-7 months out. With how badly JUSTICE LEAGUE mucked things up for the DCEU each new movie needs to be on point, so I don't blame Wan for wanting to make sure everything is perfect for any big unveiling. Look, as long as the movie looks like that HD footage from the PLANET EARTH documentaries everything will be just fine.

AQUAMAN arrives December 21.

Source: James Wan



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