Javier Bardem in talks to become Frankenstein for Universal's Monster-verse

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Universal is aiming to go big or go home with the casting of their Classic Monster-verse. First they locked up Tom Cruise for THE MUMMY. They've been chasing after Angelina Jolie to get involved with THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. They secured Johnny Depp to play the Invisible Man. Russell Crowe is going to be their Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde. They're hoping to lure Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to become the new Wolfman. And now they're in talks with Javier Bardem to follow in Boris Karloff's shoes as Frankenstein. 

Bardem would star as the cobbled-together monster who rises up against his creator, adding even more firepower and legitimacy to Universal's plan to get a Classic Monster-verse off the ground. Conceivably, Bardem would eventually get his own solo film after appearing in another movie first in this new shared universe. However, what the film might be just yet is unclear with THE MUMMY already deep into production as the first picture out of the gate. 

Bardem has been offered the Jekyll and Hyde role at one point as these characters were being assembled, but ultimately passed. That led to Crowe joining in the mix and Bardem ultimately being revisited again for Frankenstein. 

Say what you want about Universal's idea here, but their plan for what feels like surefire success certainly bears watching. There hasn't been one target they've gone after that hasn't led to you being curious about what they'd do with the role or within this shared universe structure. 

Source: Variety



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