Russell Crowe in talks to bring Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde into The Mummy reboot

dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

Universal is moving to bring in another top-flight actor to help build one of the other cornerstones of their Classic Monster-verse. With Tom Cruise already locked in for THE MUMMY and the studio chasing Angelina Jolie for BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Universal is engaged in early talks with Russell Crowe to join their shared universe in the dual roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The characters, originated by author Robert Louis Stevenson, are best known to horror fans as the extremes of good and evil within one man who takes a serum to suppress certain unsavory urges and winds up transforming him into a murderous madman who embraces them. Here, Jekyll and Hyde would be introduced somehow within the story structure of THE MUMMY before they are moved into position to have their own film.

Tom Hardy was the initial choice for the role before those discussions fell apart and Javier Bardem was approached as well, but that obviously didn't happen. However, looking at the names Universal is intent on having involved with their Classic Monster-verse, it is clear they are prepared to use A-list talent to lend credibility to everything they are planning to do and put asses in the seats. It's a sound strategy, that's for sure... Now they just have to make sure the movies are good enough to justify such actors or else it all would have been for naught.

Source: Variety



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