Jennifer Lawrence may have to choose between Mystique and Katniss

Looks like Jennifer Lawrence may have her very own Sophie's choice to make.

It appears that both 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate are moving ahead with sequels to both THE HUNGER GAMES and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, respectively.  It appears that THE HUNGER GAMES is a sure thing for success at this point, even if the movie is not very good.

CATCHING FIRE, the second HUNGER GAMES novel, is being fast-tracked to shoot this summer and release on Thanksgiving next year.  The FIRST CLASS sequel has no announced dates of any kind, but Fox was looking to shoot this fall.  While there may or may not be any overlap, Hollywood has a long history of projects running long.

Fox seems to have the upper hand in this one since they are the more powerful studio, but there is no reason why they wouldn't drop Lawrence completely and recast the role.  I would prefer to see her don the body paint again, but I would be more concerned with bringing back the other cast members first.

If you had to choose between the two franchises, which would you rather see Jennifer Lawrence give up?

Extra Tidbit: My vote is for her to wear the red dress again. Humunah, humunah.



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