Jessica Chastain plays to win in new trailer for Molly's Game

Aaron Sorkin has finally stepped behind the director’s chair for MOLLY’S GAME, and so far all signs point to a tremendous, visceral triumph. A new trailer has just dropped for the movie about Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), a former Olympic-level skier who runs a massively successful, high-stakes poker game all before being arrested by the FBI. She then begins to work with an attorney (Idris Elba) to fight back against the government.

The trailer moves fast and spits out some trademark Sorkin dialogue, while Chastain and Elba look absolutely fantastic in their lead roles. The movie earned raves out of TIFF (read Chris Bumbray’s review here), and signs point to some awards for Sorkin’s script and for Chastain’s leading role. The trailer does a great job of digging into the stories (ahem) high-stakes, showcasing the intensity of the story and the motivations of Bloom. This is surely one the must-see movies on my list, and hopefully, will stand out among the crowded field of the fall movie season.

MOLLY’S GAME arrives November 22. 

Source: STX



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