JJ Abrams and star John Noble have good things to say about Fringe's impending series finale

FRINGE fans, we have only 3 episodes left before one of the better genre shows in television history leaves the airwaves forever. it has been a fun ride to this point, even if the final season feels incredibly disjointed from the first four. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how everything will wrap up.

Tonight's episode, "The Boy Must Live", will be followed by the final two episodes airing on January 18th. Those two episodes are titled "Liberty" and "AN Enemy of Fate".

Co-creator JJ Abrams, who has not been actively involved since season one, told Entertainment Weekly that he has seen an early cut of the finale. Here i what he had to say: I mean, the script is unbelievable. I think it will be incredibly emotional. If it’s not satisfying, I don’t know what satisfying is.

As a producer, he is somewhat obligated to say positive things about one of his projects, but star John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, has been vocal from day one how much he loves his character and the show. His comments to TV Line are what has me very optimistic for the final episodes:

I can honestly say that it was everything I had hoped it could possibly be. It tied up our character lines, it tied up the great story arc…. I was extremely elated. I hope history will judge it as one of the great finales of all time. I really believe they will.

If you had asked me in Season 1 where I thought Walter should finish up, it would have been exactly where he does. That’s the remarkable thing — it’s the perfect arc for Walter.

Walter Bishop is one of the all-time best characters in television. He is funny and tragic and incredibly interesting. It is a travesty that Noble has never been nominated for an Emmy for his performance on the show. I hope he is recognized next year in his last chance at a statuette.

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