Joaquin Phoenix to play cartoonist John Callahan for Gus Van Sant

It seems Joaquin Phoenix is set to play quadriplegic iconoclast cartoonist John Callahan for director Gus Van Sant, reuniting after having worked together over ten years ago on the 1995 black comedy TO DIE FOR.

The film, which has been in development since the late 80s (with Robin Williams attached for years) will be based on Callahan's autobiography DON'T WORRY, HE WON'T GET TOO FAR ON FOOT. Here's the official synopsis:

[After becoming] paralyzed in a car accident at age 21, [Callahan] turned to drawing as a form of therapy. For decades Callahan’s work raised eyebrows for its taboo topics leading to numerous boycotts in his hometown of Portland. 

His drawings were the published in the New Yorker, Penthouse, and Playboy before his death in 2010. Here's some examples of Callahan's work:

Pretty impressive, all things considered.

No release date has been set, but that should change as the project moves forward. Anyone else excited about the film? I think this one could be pretty special if done right. Sound off below!


Extra Tidbit: This won't be the first time Joaquin Phoenix played a real-life figure, having played Johnny Cash in WALK THE LINE.
Source: Variety



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