JoBlo Movie Show #7

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Another new JOBLO MOVIE SHOW, another specific holiday tied to the release of the latest show and our attempt at synergy and...you guessed it, it's the Thanksgiving Edition!! After the James Bond and Halloween editions of the show, we're hoping to settle down in December, with almost no holidays slated during that dead month. In all seriousness though, Happy Thanksgiving to all and we hope that you enjoy our latest show, and as per usual, please remember to SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, since we don't have many friends and are attempting to widen our circle. This week's show features...

  • JoBlo recommends 3 Thanksgiving-based movies, and includes a gratuitous image of Katie Holmes from THE GIFT

  • JimmyO reviews both TWILIGHT and Gus Van Sant's MILK

  • John Fallon aka the Arrow tells us how he thinks PUNISHER: WAR ZONE might be able to compare to Dolph Lundgren's THE PUNISHER. No, we're serious...

  • The latest FIVE SPOT counts down the 5 All-Time Box-Office Turkeys! (and we're not counting Steve Guttenberg's career as a whole)

  • JimmyO and Rusty take the to the Arclight theater in LA in an attempt to find out what all the TWILIGHT fuss is about

  • THE CELEBRITY MINUTE is thankful for 3 hot actresses and yes, even 3 hot actors (we aim to please, ladies...i.e. we're bi-!)

  • THE DVD INJECTION is back with the latest news on the DVD front, as well as the most awful movie clip from... VAMPIRE ASSASSINS!!

  • This episode also includes the latest GUESS THE BOOBIES contestant (Clue: she no longer has impressive boobies), an appearance by Eli Roth's superb THANKSGIVING trailer, little known facts and plenty of HULK TV show references??



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