JoBlo.com's Top 10 Best Movie Trailers of 2018 (Video)

Thanks to the ability to share videos more easily than ever, movie trailers have become an even more important part of the movie marketing process than ever before. A bad trailer can kill any momentum for an upcoming release, while a great one can be even better than the movie itself. Like a good TV show, a great trailer can be binge-watched again and again and can never get old, like that very first trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR back in 2017. Ah, to go back all that time and watch it again with fresh eyes.

 Last year had some amazing trailers come out, each using unique blends of music, cuts, cues and thrilling footage to get audiences excited for all different kinds of films. We here at JoBlo have our own favorite trailers of the year, and in a new compilation video have selected our 10 best trailers of 2018 – and boy – do we have a varied bunch. The immediate thought from all of you may be, “Well, of course they have trailers in there for all the blockbuster flicks, what with all the laughs, epic music, and action-y whiz-bangs.” And, yes, though that’s a logical prediction, there were so many terrific trailers for movies big and small, including indie darlings like MANDY and HEREDITARY, to jaw-dropping action flicks like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT and GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. I’m not going to give each entry away here, so be sure to watch the video above to see which trailers we loved the most last year.

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