John Cena is a complex bull in new Ferdinand trailer

A great fear for any pet owner is the idea of losing their cuddly friend to the big, dangerous world filled with hawks and speeding motorists. We all like to think they’ll team up with other creatures they can secretly talk to for a colorful adventure so they can get back home to you. This is what happens in FERDINAND, the story of a harmless bull (John Cena) who works with his new friends (including Kate McKinnon) to get himself home to his owners who let him sit on the couch...like a person. The new trailer is full of bright action, slapstick humor and pop hits, which is all enough to distract kids from the fact their cat ran away, and is perfectly happy being the leader of a roving band of feline hoodlums.

The film looks like much of the other 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky movies, like RIO and ICE AGE, meaning it will be a suitable distraction for anyone under 10. Silly, colorful and filled with wise-cracking animals, this is the perfect movie to take your kids to if you just need a break from them wrecking everything for two hours, AND you get to say it taught them a lesson about not judging books by their covers. Parenting level 10!

FERDINAND arrives December 15.



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