John Travolta wants to be a friend of ours, in talks to star as mobster John Gotti

That photo you see above is John Travolta and John Gotti, Jr. who recently grabbed a bite to eat in New York. What was the topic of conversation between Travolta and a fine, legitimate businessman such as Mr. Gotti? Turns out Travolta is in talks to star in GOTTI, a biopic based on Gotti's father, infamous New York City mob boss John Gotti.

Nick Cassavetes (THE NOTEBOOK, ALPHA DOG), who co-starred with Travolta in FACE/OFF, is set to direct the film from a script by Leo Rossi, who worked closely with the Gottis.

Gotti, Sr., known as the Dapper Don, was the boss of the Gambino crime family until 1992 when prosecutors were finally able to get some charges to stick and he was sentenced to life in prison. (No word on whether he cooked meatballs and veal and sliced garlic with razors while in the clink.) Gotti died in prison in 2002 of throat cancer.

The role in GOTTI would be Travolta's first since his son Jett died unexpectedly last year. Producers also claim that they're in early talks with James Franco to star as John, Jr. but Franco's agent say that they received the script, are aware of the project and that's the extent of their involvement with the film at this point.



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