Jolie Changeling pic

The Changeling Though her third world country orphan export business is still of the highest priority (after all, third world orphans aren't gonna ship themselves to the homes of internationally famous celebrities), Angelina Jolie is, for the time being at least, putting her efforts into what non-spectacularly wealthy, internationally famous orphan collectors commonly refer to as her "day job". She's currently filming the drama THE CHANGELING for director Clint Eastwood and the Daily Mail folks were able to capture some spy shots of her in costume. In it, she plays a mother whose recently recovered kidnapped son isn't her son at all and when she challenges the police about it, shit essentially gets all fucked up. Like insane asylum fucked up. Check out Jolie in her fuck-you-that's-not-my- son-you-goddamn-assholes garb over HERE. The film's set for release November 7th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: CHANGELING scribe J. Michael Straczynski is also working on adapting the zombie satire "World War Z" and on a solo Silver Surfer flick.
Source: Daily Mail



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