Jon Favreau joins Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street (plus next directing gig confirmed?)

Jon Favreau with small camera

Jon Favreau is solid and fun in just about everything he does, be it in front of the camera or behind, so I'm always pleased to know that he has something new lined up.

Lucky for me then that that "something" is actually two somethings, with the first being that Favreau has been confirmed to be joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, John Bernthal, Jean Dujardin, Kyle Chandler, and Rob Reiner in Martin Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.  Favreau will be playing "a securities lawyer" in the film, having joined just in time for principle photography to begin in next month.

The second bit of Favreau-related news comes in the form of a confirmation that he will indeed be making the musical JERSEY BOYS his next project - he was in serious talks without it being a done deal just a few weeks ago, but now things seem to all locked up and he'll move back into the director's chair upon completing his turn in Scorsese's second foray into digitial filmmaking.

Scarlett Johansson with chopped hair

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Favreau as an actor or a director? And I vote that IRON MAN 2's Scarlett Johansson somehow involved in everything he does from now on, at least as far as directing goes, so that I can keep running pictures of her.



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