Jon M. Chu is the top contender to direct Star Trek 3

If this rumor is true, I quit the f*cking world.

Latino Review has the scoop that Paramount's top contender to take over J.J. Abrams' directing duties for the next STAR TREK movie is none other that Jon M. Chu. Chu is responsible for the classic films G.I. JOE: RETALIATION and JUSTIN BEIBER: NEVER SAY NEVER.

The rumored shortlist for STAR TREK 3 includes Brad Bird, Joe Cornish, and Justin Lin. Of the contenders, Latino Review was able to confirm that Chu is far atop the list. Chu's other directorial efforts include the second and third STEP UP movies. Why he is a contender is his availability to get STAR TREK 3 made by the 2016 50th Anniversary of the original series and because J.J. Abrams is locked up with STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

When Chu was announced as the director for G.I. JOE, I thought it was an odd choice but was pleasantly surprised at how decent the movie was. Yes, decent, but not great. When you are following the cinematic footsteps of Stephen Sommers, anything is a step up. But, love or hate STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS or it's predecessor, there is a quality to the filmmaking that maintains a level of, I don't know...just anyone except Jon Chu.

I know I am being judgmental here, but if J.J. Abrams is good enough to go from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS to STAR WARS, shouldn't the bar be set a hell of a lot higher for the person taking over TREK? I am suddenly losing hope in the third film. Damon Lindelof is back to script the third film and Abrams will produce. Rumors have the story centering on the Klingons and the possible return of Khan. Actor Karl Urban recently made comments that he wants the sequel to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS to focus on more originality and not another revenge theme like the first two flicks. Hiring Chu smacks of anything but originality.

Extra Tidbit: Well, the next one is the third film and the odd numbered TREK movies do traditionally suck.
Source: Latino Review



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