Jon Watts in talks to return for Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel

Thanks to an exclusive from THR, it can now be reported that SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING director Jon Watts is in talks to return to direct the currently untitled sequel. Making the massive leap from the $5 million-budgeted COP CAR with Kevin Bacon, HOMECOMING has already made almost $500 million worldwide in two weeks, and it stands as one of the best-reviewed movies in the entire MCU canon.

HOMECOMING’s sequel is already slated for July 5, 2019, and will pick up on the events of the fourth AVENGERS movie.

All I can say is that I'm super psyched that Watts decided to return for the sequel. The man has such a firm grip on everything that makes Spidey (Tom Holland) great and putting the character back into his high school setting, making it a story about a kid learning about the real world, was marvelous. The more I think about the movie the more appreciate its humor, style, heart, and intelligence, and I will say with no hesitation it's made my top five list of MCU movies. Sorry, IRON MAN.

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is in theaters now.

Source: THR



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