Jonah Hill teams with Leonardo DiCaprio for Wolf of Wall Street

Way to go, Jonah Hill!

I guess after being in MONEYBALL, Hill is going to pick up some serious roles. I think he's hilarious, but I ended up giving him more credit for CYRUS.

Hill will be joining Leonardo DiCaprio for the adaptation of the Jordan Belfort memoir, WOLF OF WALL STREET. Martin Scorsese will be directing the film which focuses on, "Belfort (DiCaprio), a Long Island penny stock broker who served 20 months in prison for participating in a massive 1990s securities fraud that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration. Belfort -- who lived large, owned a yacht that sank off the coast of Sardinia and became an alcoholic and drug addict." Belfort was also the inspiration for 2000s BOILER ROOM.

Hill will be playing Danny Porush, "who is convinced by his future best friend and business partner Belfort to quit his job in furniture sales and enter the lucrative yet volatile world of stock brokering. The film chronicles the duo’s meteoric rise and colossal fall amid scandal, fraud and excess."

I wonder how Hill and DiCaprio will play off of each other. Just like any other Scorsese film, I look forward to it.

Source: THR



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